Services & Solutions

Air Freight Forwarding

End to end transportation services by international air freight.


International air freight forwarding is the Sankyu Air Logistics'(SAL) core business. We continue to provide high quality service to our customers, drawing from our know-how accumulated through long experience operating the former Sankyu Air Cargo Division, which was certified by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) in 1969.

Obtaining ISO certification in 1995 (as Sankyu Air Cargo Division), we have been providing customer-oriented services based on a strict quality management system.

Besides handling mainstream air cargo products like semi-conductors, electronic parts and automotive components we also handle chemical products and heavy machinery in cooperation with Sankyu Inc.

Through our reliable global network, we deliver the cargo of our valued customers safely and reliably, regardless of the size, weight and destination.

Multimodal Transportation

Optimal transport services combining air, sea and land modes of transportation


SAL achieves optimal transport services through the combination of air, sea and land transportation, known as ‘multimodal transportation’, utilizing the sea freight expertise of Sankyu Inc.

In 2013, we became an ocean shipping freight forwarder and began our international ocean shipping making use of the services of non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC).

Below are some examples of how we have optimized our air, sea and land transportation facilities to deliver precious cargo for our clients around the world.

Case 1: The Long Journey from Dubai to South Sudan via Mombasa



In the spring of 2013, SAL supported the Japanese Government’s International Humanitarian Relief Program for the United Nations.

We were responsible for transporting relief goods provided by the Japanese government (1,000 tents, 25,000 blankets, 27,500 jerry cans, 10,000 plastic sheets and 35,000 sleeping mats) to the refugees in the Republic of South Sudan. At that time, we completed the mission moving the goods from Dubai, UAE to Juba, South Sudan by using multiple transportation modes. It was an extremely long journey of almost 4,000 km from the origin to the final destination.

Logistics Solutions

Entire logistics solutions for optimizing customer’s supply chain.


At SAL, we are evolving our logistics business in response to diversifying and more sophisticated logistics needs.

We work closely with our customers to propose and plan complete logistics solutions which will optimize their supply chain. By combining our own resources with third party logistics (3PL) services, we formulate optimal logistics strategies for customers from the design, proposal and creation of logistics systems, to their operation.

Case 1: The Total Logistics Service for Postal Infrastructure installation



We have recently begun the export and import operations for installation of postal service infrastructure in cooperation with Sankyu Inc.

For example, we have delivered huge mail sorting systems and other equipments to the main postal branches in Japan. These systems came from France mainly by sea transport to Tokyo. Due to the non-stop nature of post office operations, we take care to deliver such equipments just in time. This type of postal infrastructure transport is very unique and is characteristic of our capabilities. We intend to expand this infrastructure business together with other members of our group.

Case 2: Contribution to International Peace Cooperation Activities



In 2013, SAL completed the mission of withdrawing operations of Japan Self Defense Forces (JSDF) which had been engaging in the MINISUTAH (United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti).

The Haiti earthquake occurred on 12th January 2010. In order to support the urgent restoration, reconstruction and stability in Haiti, an international rescue party was organized and dispatched on 5th February 2010 and thereafter to MINUSTAH. It was decided that they should withdraw from Haiti in January the following year in the cabinet meeting on 17th July 2012.

Together with our group company staff, we completed the mission of safely returning more than 200 dispatched personnel back home, as well as transporting 50 20-feet containers worth of equipments, 100 vehicles and heavy equipments from Haiti to the Japanese bases.

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